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Working Man Series

Book 1: Opening Day at the Country Fair
Book 2: Summer Kisses and Ice Cream Dreams
Book 3: Easily Addicted
Book 4: Making Copies
Book 5: Pleasure Cruise
Book 6: On the Job
Book 7: Car Trouble
Book 8: Lunch Break
Book 9: Speed Trap
Book 10: Tech Support
Book 11: At Your Service
Book 12: Closing Time

Working Man Series
ISBN#: 9781611521610
September 2011
JMS Books
23 Pages
Contemporary/Gay Fiction/Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Noah is a computer geek and tech support guy for a computer software company. He loves his job and working with his best friends Joel and Becky.

Jared just got hired with Noah’s company and he has his eye on Noah.

When Noah sees a totally hot guy when he and Joel on their break, as much as he wants him, he cannot quite get up the courage to go over and introduce himself. After all the guy could be as straight as they come. So when his best friend and roommate, Joel, chases after the guy to get his phone number for Noah, Noah is totally embarrassed and humiliated. The phone number burns a hole in his pocket for a few days, until he gets a phone call from Becky’s boss to get upstairs and fix some guy’s computer. Will it be the guy of his dreams, or will Noah be disappointed?

Talk about a great build up to what could be a wonderful relationship for these two! Tech Support has everything you could want in a contemporary gay romance, suspense, a little intrigue, and sexual attraction with the possibility of becoming so much more. I have always loved JM Snyder’s books, but with this gem her storytelling skills really shine! I for one am hoping for a sequel so we can all see how everything plays out for Noah and Jared. I highly recommend this story to everyone, you simply do not want to miss it!

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