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Lords of Pleasure, Book 1
ISBN: 978-0-451-23482-7
November 2011
Berkley Heat
Trade Paperback
$14.00 US / $16.50 CAN
292 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The loss of his mate has brought Soren Fontaine to the edge of sanity. He has looked everywhere for someone who can bring her back, and he is willing to pay any price to make it happen.

It seems to Harley Vaughn that there may be something seriously wrong with her wiring. She wants a man who will take command of her, body and soul, and provide just enough pain to make her pleasure soar.

The voodoo priestess Leila is Soren’s last hope, but what she offers comes at the ultimate price. As soon as he strikes the bargain, Soren knows he has made a grave mistake, but after meeting Harley, he cannot say he is sorry. Harley may not be his lost love, but she is much, much more, and Soren knows Leila has him right where she wants him. The darkness enveloping Soren’s soul is Leila’s creation, and if she wins, Soren will lose more than he ever dreamed possible.

If evil has a gender, Leila’s character is the perfect embodiment. She makes your skin crawl without ever opening her mouth, and feel as horrified as Soren that he could sink so low. Harley does not inspire the deepest of connections, but I really enjoy how she shows such a spunky, never give up attitude in the darkest moments. Soren and his brothers share a powerful connection to their family, friends, and lovers, and I am greedy for more.

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