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Erotic Island Series
Book 1: Pleasure Island
Book 2: Seduction Island
Book 3: Temptation Island

Book 3 in the Erotic Island Series
ISBN: (13)9780758261380
August 2011
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
272 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Ric Karaka wants two things from Samantha Winston, his maternal grandmother. He would like to finally meet the woman who is the powerhouse of Winston Enterprises. The other is to have her help him with the financing for his bed-and-breakfast through a loan.

Jenny Rogers should be thrilled when she wins a holiday to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Unfortunately her travel plans fall through and she is just coming to realize she will be going home when a wealthy older woman convinces Jenny to help her with some business.

Ric is extremely anxious about finally meeting his grandmother and he finds himself heartbroken when it is Jenny and not Samantha Winston who greets him. Ric feels a passion for Jenny that he has not felt in a long time but he must convince her that sleeping with him is not about his business with his grandmother. The more Jenny gets to know Ric, the more she knows his business venture is the right way for Samantha to go in both her business and personal world. Finally, Ric and Jenny will explore the passion that has been building between them but when it is time for Jenny to go home will she leave with her heart intact?

I liked the interaction between Ric and Jenny. From the get-go, I could feel the infatuation sizzle and spark between the two characters until it seemed to finally zap them into doing something about the sexual tension. Temptation Island has the heat, passion, storyline, and characters that any good erotica tale will have. I did not always understand what Marc (a supporting character in the story) had against Jenny and why he was continuously hoping she would fail at her endeavors. Ms. O’Clare will take you on a passionate journey to a place that oozes temptation itself.

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