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ISBN: 1-934153-76-1
Under The Moon
96 Pages
Urban Gothic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Marrying Raul Castillo is the happiest day of Eve’s life, at least for the first few hours. His maturity and devotion draw her in like a moth to a flame, and his love of her innocence makes her feel cherished.

The years away from the Castillo family home were not enough to dull the pain and anger that Román harbors for his brother. He can only hope that he is quick enough to spare the new bride a similar fate.

Her wedding night passes in such a blur that by morning Eve is very uncertain as to what exactly transpired, but she does know that her husband is acting very differently than ever before. His anger towards his younger brother borders on the extreme, and as the day comes to an end, her whole world completely implodes. Román is there to pick up the pieces, and in doing so puts Eve at even more risk. Eve is seeing a different side of the black sheep of the family, and what she is learning from Román has her questioning everything else.

This story is the perfect example of how people twist the word of God to accommodate their own beliefs and actions, and everyone from the most devout Christian to sadistic cult leaders and terrorists are guilty. This actually makes my skin crawl more than the most vicious horror novels. Eve seems like a good person, if maybe a little too naïve, but her maturity and awareness grow throughout this story. I also enjoy the fact that Román is not completely innocent, but has those human flaws that we can all relate to.

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