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ISBN: 978-0-446-56462-5
December, 2010
Hatchette Book Group
368 Pages
Rating 5 cups

Willow has been on the run, guarding her scroll of Earth, since she watched the Bad Man murder her mother. She has traveled the world, hunted and hunting the scum that rises to the top of society, the ones that think money can buy their way out of evil deeds. When she is finally close to destroying her lifelong enemy, a police officer steps in and threatens everything she believes in.

Rick Ramirez was raised by his witchy grandmother, so he knows that there is more to life than just the mundane. But the silver-haired woman who keeps turning up at his murder investigations tempts him in a way that makes him question the line between black and white in a way he never had before. Is she a criminal or something he should cherish?

When the Bad Man corners her, making multiple murders and other crimes seem to have been done by Willow, will Ramirez and Willow be torn apart by the implications? Or is their love the final straw that breaks the hold that the Bad Man has held over Willow for a lifetime?

Cops and Guardians is a much more interesting game than the cops and robbers from my childhood, as these two charismatic characters soon discover. The sheer unbreakable will of Willow is nicely countered by the grounded character of Rick. An exciting story from the start, this blend of the paranormal and everyday life is enchanting.

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