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A Paranormal’s Love
Book 1: Trill to Me Sweetly
Book 2: A Bite of Fulfillment
Book 3: Changing Owen’s Mind
Book 4: Taming the Enforcer’s Flirt
Book 5: Removing the Gargoyle’s Mask
Book 6: Calming a Demon Heart
Book 7: Coaxing His Skittish Lynx
Book 8: Restitution From His Mate
Book 9: Accepting Caladon’s Scales
Book 10: The Goat Farmer’s Guardian
Book 11: Hot Blooded Alligator
Book 12: Tempting the Bear

A Paranormal’s Love Book 12
Charlie Richards
ISBN#: 9781487403263
April 2015
Extasy Books
116 Pages
Erotic Romance Gay GLBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Wren Cleaver just wants to keep his goddaughter safe, and he just knows that the much older man she is dating could be up to no good. However, there is more going on than meets the eye and he is in for a shock.

Perseus is a gargoyle and the doctor in the house so to speak. When Wren sees some of the snake shifters shift, and then gets knocked over the head, Perseus is called in to help. With his acute sense of smell, Perseus realizes that Wren is his mate. But introducing Wren to the paranormal world and the fact that his goddaughter is the mate of one of the snake shifters is going to be quite a shock for Wren.

When Wren sees men shifting into snakes, he passes out and hits his head on a rock. When he comes to he is in a room with low light and there are large shadows of what he thinks are men. It does not take long for him to figure out he knows them. But the shock is discovered they are gargoyles, in fact, it is such a shock that he thinks he is dreaming, and propositions his mate Perseus. However, it is not long before he realizes it is all real and he has been thrust into a world he would really rather not know about. Will Perseus be able to convince him that the benefits of being a mate to a gargoyle are worth it? Or will Wren walk away for good?

This is an enjoyable read that fits well into the A Paranormal’s Love series. I love the fact that Ms. Richards has different types of men falling in love in her books. It’s easy to stick with couples where one is powerful and strong and the other is smaller and weak and needs protecting, but this author does such a nice mix of sizes, and personalities that it makes each book unique and fun. This book was no different, and I cannot wait for the next one!

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