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ISBN# Unavailable
December 2009
AweStruck Publishing
222 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Cameron has not seen Charlie for ten years. She has been away at a ladies school, learning proper lady-like ways. When they have their first encounter again, the fireworks explode.

Charlie McKenzie is a bounty hunter who only chases criminals to capture them, not for greed. He is surprised to see Elizabeth all grown up after all these years and a bit too prissy for his taste, not to mention driving him crazy in lust.

Elizabeth recalls how Charlie had power in his hands in every chore he did. The young kid she once knew is now a handsome man. Charlie almost does not recognize Elizabeth. She is a lady with grace, not like the tomboy he knew. Nonetheless, he has no time for games when a deranged killer is on the loose and he must find him. For now he is chasing Richard ‘Mad Dog’ Durham almost as long as he has seen Lizzie. When complications arise and he must make Lizzie’s protection his top priority, Charlie will do everything in his power to make sure no harm comes to the woman who has stolen his heart, but is it enough to stop Mad Dog?

Texas Hearts is one of those engaging books that take you by storm and no matter how many times you try to put it down, you cannot stop. Once you start you are hooked, so hold all calls and any potty breaks. The spitting dialogue between Elizabeth and Charlie is excellent. The electric sparks alone between the two keep the pages burning. Rachel Smith tells a story of a family that has true backbone and love for each other. With the perfect romance, passion, action, and an unforgettable evil villain, she crafts a mesmerizing read.

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