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ISBN: 9781419921216
July 2009
Cerridwen Press
99 pages
Contemporary Romance Young Adult
Rating: 3 Cups

Ben has had a hard life so far, living in a poor inner city area with an alcoholic mother and three younger siblings. Although he enjoys school, he has had little chance to attend and at nearly twenty-one he has been offered, by an anonymous benefactor, a sponsorship to complete college.

Mrs. Moneybags is Ben’s benefactor. All she asks in return is that he tell her about his life. She asks that he talk to a small recorder for an hour a day so she can learn about him and his day-to-day thoughts and feelings.

Ben records his thoughts and feelings about his life and his past. While he attends college, Mrs. M provides a tutor who Ben affectionately names Ms. Mouse. Although he still looks after his siblings, Ben’s life soon starts improving, thanks to Mrs. Moneybags.

This book is written totally from Ben’s point of view. It is his recording for Mrs. M. This is not explained at the beginning of the story, leaving the reader slightly confused. I kept waiting for something to happen in the book, but nothing did. I found the insight into the life of an inner city child interesting, although that seemed to be all that was in the story.

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