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One Warlock’s Love Story Series

Book 1: All Knight Long
Book 2: One Moore Knight
Book 3: Last Goode Knight
Book 4: That Stormy Knight

One Warlock’s Love Story, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-61040-890-5
March 11, 2015
Torquere Books
225 Pages
Paranormal, GLBT
Rating: 2 Cups

Being an Alpha’s mate is no easy job, as Zander Knight is quickly coming to learn. The parties, ceremonies, and generally running the house is just the tip of the iceberg, especially when war looms large on the horizon.

Tau Long has so little time to spend with his mate, he makes the most of every minute they have together. His duties to his pack as well as the shifter community pull him away far too often. Unfortunately it is all part of the job.

Something or someone is creating havoc among the supernaturals, and with Zander being a tri-natural he is stuck right in the middle. His loyalties will always lie with his mate Tau, but he cannot let his friends and family destroy each other. Shifters and vampires are being killed at an alarming rate, with one magical standing back and reaping the rewards. Zander must learn all he can about each of his special abilities if he is to have any chance of bringing an end to the devastation.

What starts out as a building of suspense, mystery, and mayhem among the supernatural factions, quickly deteriorates into a mishmash of trashy dialogue and over-embellished narratives. In my opinion, this story would be so much better if it focused more on Zander and Tau, and less on the multitude of characters surrounding them. There is a storyline here, one that pits shifters, vampires, and magicals against each other. You just have to wade through a lot of superfluous nonsense to get to it. I personally would not recommend this to readers, regardless of genre preference.

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