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Samantha Lienhard
ISBN#: 1482348195/9781482348194
February 2013
Kellan Publishing
92 Pages
Horror, Comedy
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Nathan Harris is a quiet and reserved biologist. Lately he has been working on a terrible project that he is eager to finish. When everything goes awry and their cadaver begins walking around, Nathan wishes he had never come into work that day. Feeling responsible for the havoc the zombie wreaks, Nathan will go above and beyond his job description to stop the corpse from starting a zombie apocalypse.

Every day is the same for Nathan Harris. He works in the lab and has very few social skills. When his boss, Edmund, orders them to research death, he and his partner, George, take their research to the extreme by trying to create a serum that will resurrect a person. Unfortunately, instead of bringing people back to life, the serum reanimates the corpse who is hell bent on creating others. Now, Nathan and George are set on an adventure to save their co-workers, and stop the zombie before it is too late. Are two scientists going to be enough to save the world from total destruction?

This story is filled with humor and zany circumstances. Poor Nathan is completely ill-suited to save the day. To make matters worse, he is utterly inept at social interactions. But, even with the odds stacked against him, he still rises up and does what is right despite his fear. He is the hero of the story indeed, for heroes must have courage and courage is not the absence of fear, but in fact doing what must be done despite your fear. The story has a nice quick snow-ball effect where things go from bad to worse for the characters but all ends satisfactorily.

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