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The Imortum Series
Book 1: The Awakening

The Imortum Series, Book 1
ISBN#: 9781419995095
March 2016
Ellora's Cave
153 Pages
Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jason is a vet who survived captivity with both physical and mental scars. He is at his he and his dead brother's favorite camping spot when what appears to be an alien space ship appears. It is at that point that everything in his life changes forever.

Alise is an Advanced Lifeform Integrated Synaptic Escort, and comes with the ship. The man she is bonded with is dying, and has chosen Jason to be his replacement.

When Jason enters the ship, he has no idea he will be stuck there. The original captain's last words were to put a small silver disk behind his ear. Still Jason is highly suspicious and he has no intention of connecting the alien device behind his ear except as a last resort. After all, someone will come looking for him eventually, right? But, Jason is wrong about that and ends up having to go with attaching the silver disk behind his ear which leads to him having a most unpleasant experience. However, when he wakes up there is a beautiful blonde woman there to help him. It is then he discovers he is on a time ship, and that Alise is the AI connected to the ship, and that this AI has taken the form he will most trust. She informs Jason that he is to be the next captain and that someone is systematically trying to wipe out his family line. She believes that this was not supposed to happen and then proceeds to work with him to stop this from happening. Along the way, Alise begins having feelings for Jason that has she has never had for any of her other hosts before. As they work towards undoing wrongs in time, Jason and Alise begin to fall in love. Will they be able to save Jason's family and stop the man trying to wipe out his line, or will their enemy win?

If you enjoy speculation about early advanced civilizations on Earth, the idea of time travel as well as space travel, along with a huge dose of erotic romance, then you will absolutely love The Awakening. This imaginative take on time travel, and space travel, as well as very creative world building will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. I know it did for me. I highly recommend this first book in the Imortum series and am looking forward to the next book with much pleasure.

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