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ISBN#: 9780758247612
October 2010
Kensington Books
Trade Paperback
272 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

All I Vant for Christmas

Connor Drake is stuck in a time warp and the control he exerts on his younger siblings is a burden he no longer wishes to carry. Little does he know that the answer to his prayers is one feisty human event planner.

Jillian knew next to nothing about vampires except for the standard myths: sunlight, crosses and garlic. She has promised to assist Connor Drake as a favor for a friend which she hopes will boost her business

This year he is determined that he will have a white Christmas with all the trimmings; little does he know Santa is going to bring him the best present of all. Jillian is taking a crash course in the vampire way of life and how to love a vampire despite their age gap.

All I Vant for Christmas is an expertly written story. My favorite part of the book is the brother and sister of Connor who are essentially teens in need of a firm hand. Connor and Jillian have a love that is tangible and this is a love story for the record books.

A Vampire in Her Stocking

Vivian Harrison has loved her boss since the first moment she went to work for him. Only now he says he is dying and leaving the job to live out the rest of his life at home and alone.

Sean Spice has a brain tumor for which there is no cure. Thinking this would be the last time he would see Vivian, he makes love to her just as he always wanted.

Vivian is devastated by the loss of Sean and is unable to process the grief. Her confidant and friend knows there is another option and if Vivian is unable to consider it then she will.

A Vampire in Her Stocking was lovely if for no other reason the vampire in this story is female, which is rarely the case. To my delight this story went one extra step and provided a wonderful hero and provided a story that flowed beautifully. Heidi Betts provided a smoothly written story that fit in well with All I Want for Christmas.

It’s A Wonderful Bite

Angelina Ricci is an expert at meddling in her friends’ lives and finding them happily ever after, but she is a complete disaster for herself. As the Queen of Matchmaking, you would think she could recognize love when she woke up next to it every morning.

Ian Hart has no idea Angelina Ricci is dissatisfied with what their relationship has become. His love for Angelina has never wavered and over time only grows stronger.

Angelina thinks that her love for Ian is unfulfilling but in no way could envision her life without him. Ian is settled and secure in the love between Angelina and him and is unprepared for the nightmares of Angelina.

It’s a Wonderful Bite is the perfect ending and vehicle to tie up the anthology in a neat little bow. It was fascinating to see even the paranormal need help with dating and sometimes put everything on the line in a gamble of love.

The Bite Before Christmas is an excellent specimen of the art of the written word. Heidi Betts has expertly orchestrated three outstanding stories that will withstand the test of time. Each story has a feature that entices and engages the senses, is difficult to resist, and the tie between all of them makes this anthology addictive. The unusual chapter names were my favorite part and made me giggle for their whimsical nature. Heidi Betts is a superior writer and a master of paranormal writing.

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