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Sam Mackenzie Thrillers
ISBN#: 9781628302080 Paperback/ 9781628302097 Digital
April 23, 2014
The Wild Rose Press
$4.99 eBook/$14.99 Print
320 Pages
Action-Suspense, Contemporary, Mainstream Thriller
Rating: 4 cups

Sam Mackenzie and his partner Simone have been hired to find a man who has stolen classified information. They are running into lots of trouble and a murderer is on the loose. Not to mention their lives are in jeopardy as well.

The latest murder finds Sam in the police's sight as a suspect. In order to keep on the trail of this killer, and keep himself out of jail, he enlists the help of a few friends and a local reporter as well as a homeless man who has also found himself in the middle of this mess.

Each one of those on the trail of this killer is now a target for murder. Can they catch the murderer before the body count adds up? Just how far into the political and law enforcement world does this go?

Corruption, murder, and revenge are the highlight of The Black Palmetto. It is a scary thought that something like this can and does happen today in real life. Sam and his eclectic group of colleagues show you adventure at every turn. The only thing I disliked was sometimes it was hard to keep up with many characters in one scene all at once. Overall it is an entertaining, exciting read.

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