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ISBN# (10):0-380-73146-0/(13):978-0-380-73146-6
May 1, 2009
Harper (An imprint of HarperCollins)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
384 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Doctor Peter Maryk is a junior virologist with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. He is dedicated to developing a safe, human blood substitute that will benefit any viral problem.

Doctor Stephen Pearse is another junior virologist at the center in Atlanta. He is trying to find a safe blood to combat virus and cancer-fighting properties. After being sent to the Congo area, he encounters a horrific virus.

Peter is different and others notice that. He is considered an irregular human being since he has a foolproof immune system, never once being sick all his life. Stephen, on the other hand, is a bit diverse from Peter, frequently tempering Peter’s morbid eagerness. When they are called upon to go to the Congo, they discover a killer virus that could release a horrible unstoppable infection. Now they are in for the fight of their life to keep this from spreading. Can the two doctors, who share a Noble Prize for Physiology in Medicine, find a way to match wits against the virus, or is this the end of mankind?

I have to say, The Blood Artists is an engaging read. When Peter and Stephen had to witness those die in front of them, as well as see all the ones on the cots just waiting for death to call them, it did a triple play to my heart. I could all but hear their cries for help as they await a slow, impending death waiting for some kind of hope. Chuck Hogan tells a story that feels absolutely real. This reader was enthralled with the happenings of Peter and Stephen. With the turn of each page, I was stunned, as I pictured what if this really happened to mankind. I found the sensational read hard to put down.

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