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ISBN: 9781602726567
March 2010
Amber Allure
213 Pages
Gay/ Dark Fantasy/ Shape-shifter/ Werewolf/ Thriller
Rating: 5 Cups

Thad Matthews feels his life is in a rut. He has no job, no job possibilities, and his love life pretty much sucks.

Sam Lupino owns Blue Moon Café. He comes from Italy and cooking, family, and men are his passions.

When Thad first spots Sam, he is instantly attracted to the owner. After an intense night of unbelievable sex, Sam pushes him away, talking about family and business obligations. Determined to get over him, Thad begins to spend more time with his friend Jared at all the gay hot spots. The pickings begin to slim down as someone…or something begins to slaughter and mutilate the gay men who frequent the bars, leaving Thad with the feeling that he knows exactly who the murderer is.

Reading The Blue Moon Café is like stepping out into the woods on a dark night, hearing nothing but the mysterious sounds, and then feeling as if you are being watched by something big, dangerous, and hungry. Mr. Reed has a way of describing this story with a twisted and creepy voice that leaves you feeling haunted. I thought adding Sam’s family struggles and Thad’s emotional push and pull with him brought a very realistic air to this already intense storyline. As each attack on the gay men of Seattle escalates so does the mystery and suspense as the killer draws closer and closer to Thad, Sam, and Jared. This is one book that you will not want to put down and is best read with all the lights on.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of blood and gore.

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