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A Faith Fairchild Mystery

Book 1 -The Body in the Belfry
Book 2 -The Body in the Kelp
Book 3 - The Body in the Bouillon
Book 4 -The Body in the Vestibule
Book 5 -The Body in the Cast
Book 6-The Body in the Basement
Book 7 -The Body in the Bog
Book 8 - The Body in the Fjord
Book 9 - The Body in the Bookcase
Book 10 - The Body in the Big Apple
Book 11 - The Body in the Moonlight
Book 12 - The Body in the Bonfire
Book 13 - The Body in the Lighthouse
Book 14 - The Body in the Attic
Book 15- The Body in the Snowdrift
Book 16 - The Body in the Ivy
Book 17 -The Body in the Gallery
Book 18 - The body in the Gazebo
Book 20: The Body in the Boudoir

A Faith Fairchild Mystery, Book 18
ISBN- 978-0-06-147426-2
April, 2011
William Morrow/ HarperCollins Publishers
259 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Faith Fairchild is never one to turn down a mystery, and finds herself in the middle of a few. One being that money is missing from minister's discretionary fund; a fund only her husband has access to. And another mystery told by Ursula finds Faith helping the old woman with her mystery.

Faith does her own investigating and question hunting in order to find answers to both mysteries. She needs to prove that her loving pastor husband did not steal from the church, and she will stop at nothing to help prove his innocence.

Faith’s friends are also dealing with everyday life issues, and amongst it all Faith is running her catering business as well as super sleuthing, what she does best. But can she catch the thief and solve a very old mystery? Just watch her!

This is my first Faith Fairchild Mystery and I am glad to say I have some catching up to do! What a fun, quirky read. With tons of mystery and characters that walk out of the pages of normal life, Ms. Hall Page does not disappoint mystery fans. And as an added bonus, recipes used within the book!

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