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ISBN #: 9780451475261
July 2015
$ 27.95
420 Pages
Contemporary Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Lizzie King is the head horticulturalist at Easterly, a renowned Kentucky estate. She is beautiful, capable and very aware of her place.

Lane Bradford is the younger son of the prominent Kentucky Bourbon family. Formerly a playboy and a wastrel, he has become almost a hermit.

Two years ago Lizzie fell in love with Lane and thought he felt the same. His engagement announcement to a pregnant socialite cleared things up. Lane disappeared almost as soon as the vows were spoken. Now the family is in trouble, and Lane is back.

I really enjoyed this family saga. I loved the setting in Kentucky horse country and the upcoming Charlemont Derby festivities. The author paints a wonderful picture of a troubled family, their connection to each other, and their heritage. This family is full of secrets and drama, and this first installment barely scratches the surface. Lane and Lizzie’s romance is more than complicated, and I found it totally gripping. I am really looking forward to the next installment. Both of Lane’s siblings have great stories to tell.

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