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ISBN# Unavailable
March 6, 2011
97 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Mel is in love with being in love. Serial dater, she is looking for ‘The One.’ All of her attempts turn out to be Mr. Wrong. No one wants to commit to her and her idea of a happily ever after. Her friends say it is all her and, with the title to her new car as the stakes, create the Boyfriend Bylaws for her to follow.

Matt has worked with Mel while completing his thesis. Although he flirts outrageously, Mel knows not to fall for his suave moves. Erica, another coworker, told Mel that he dated anything with a pulse, a player to the core. Is there more to this philosophy studying attendant?

With big changes happening at work and the Bylaws in place, Mel’s life was turned upside down. To add to the chaos, her stepsister is getting married to Mel’s ex boyfriend. Will Mel end up trapped in a bubble of loneliness forever while her world crumples around her?

Play-Doh eating Mel is simple in her motivations. Her insistence that she must find ‘the one’ is so frustrating that it is difficult to relate to this supposedly mature character. On top of all this, she repeatedly slams her own family, crushing her stepsister’s feelings entirely at one point. The book ends with her making no attempt to mend the rift she caused with her sister. The story seemed unfinished and was altogether hard to read due to the general unlikeability of the main character ruining what humor the author attempted.

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