Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781610406512
19February 2014
Torquere Books
108 Pages
GLBT, Romance, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Pleasing his partner means everything to Parker, so when there is something he is unable to do, he feels like a complete failure.

When Gaston hears about The Briar Rose, he feels like this is the answer to the little stumbling block he and his lover are having.

At first Parker is devastated when Gaston explains why they are staying at the B & B. Beating himself up, however, is the last thing Gaston will stand for. They are here to learn, and with such amazing instructors like Matt and Adam, their goal is well within reach. Practice makes perfect, which suits Gaston just fine.

Each and every moment with Gaston and Parker, as well as Matt and Adam, is an immersion in love and affection. Their BDSM lifestyle is built on absolute trust, so even when issues come up, they work together to resolve them. I love how Gaston makes it perfectly clear to Parker that they are in this as a couple, and whether or not it works, it is all about exploring their love. Broadening horizons should be a rule in any relationship, regardless of gender or kink.

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