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Civil War Brides Series
Book 1 - The Bride Price
Book 2 - The Bride Found
Book 3 - The Bride Spy
Book 4 - The Bride Ransom
Book 5 - The Rebel Bride

Book 4 of the Civil War Brides Series
ISBN: 978-1456545000
February 2011
e-book and hardcover
$4.99 eBook
266 Pages
Time Travel Romance/Historical
Rating: 4 cups

Gwen is a head strong woman even for her time. Unlike her predecessors in the prior books in the Bride Series, Gwen is not a time traveler. She has been in love since she was fifteen and being rescued from the back of her run away horse, but she is terrified to admit to how she feels to the man that she loves!

Andrew first spotted Gwen covered in mud and fell for her instantly. He loves her spirit and after being hurt he does the only thing he can think of to keep her protected; he leaves. He now has to work to get back into Gwen’s good graces and convince her that he is that man that she loves and that their love is worth fighting for.

Andrew and Gwen have loved each other for years, but a war and a fear of their own emotions have caused a rocky road to love for these two. After finally succumbing to their fate, Gwen and Andrew are finally able to move forward with their lives and fall deeper in love. When Gwen is kidnapped and hurt, Andrew stop at nothing to save the woman he loves.

The Bride Ransom started out a bit slow, however, it was well worth reading until the end. The story brings back all of the favorites from the prior three novels and mixes in some intrigue and lots of romance to create a well written story of love between two people that leap off the page and are a delight to read. I would recommend reading all of the novels in order it does add a lot to the story line!

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