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ISBN# 9781771301053
August 2012
Evernight Publishing
128 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Abigail Preston is at the lowest part in her life after losing her father and mother. When she learns about the cruel request her father leaves in his will, she suddenly feels destitute and broke.

Benjamin Siddle is a Pennsylvania rancher seeking a wife. Actually, he needs more than a wife, but keeps that part out of the ad. When he meets Abigail, he is quite smitten with her.

Unless she finds a husband, Abigail cannot inherit anything. Deeply hurt her father would hate her so much, she answers an advertisement in the paper for a man seeking a wife, thus embarking on a journey to America. Benjamin needs someone who is able to withstand the harsh weather and sturdy enough to do chores, never imagining Abigail to strike such a warm sensation in his heart. Once in America, she learns life is not as easy as it is in England. In addition, someone seems to be stalking her and Benjamin in the distance. She can only hope this will be a marriage to allow her not just to inherit her father’s estate, but also to find true love.

The Bride’s Journey is a precious treasure. It is absolutely heartfelt and poignant, with vibrant characters that make the story very life-like. Benjamin is a sweetheart, with his caring and considerate ways. Abigail has so much heart and finds self-esteem when she is with Benjamin. Ms. Sorensen creates a breathtakingly beautiful story that has kept this reader glued in anticipation at every word. Combining the sweet with the twists and turns along the way makes this story one this reader would never tire of reading. Thoroughly entertaining, this well-penned tale has grabbed this reader from start to finish.

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