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ISBN#: 9780345806512
3 March 2015
Vintage Books
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/$18.00 CAN
336 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Rosura Douglas is anything but a normal teenager. She's lived a simple almost poor life with her parents. She soon is uprooted and her father commits suicide. Her mother then marries a man she is unsure she can trust. She now has a step-brother that is friendly yet ice cold the next second.

She also has to live in what she calls "The Cake House" ; a gaudy pink house in the hills of Los Angeles.
It is the place where her father committed suicide, a fact that everyone else seems to forget or refuses to acknowledge.

When Rosura starts seeing her father's ghost she thinks she is losing her mind. She has taken her father's death hard so she is telling no one about her vision. As life moves forward the secrets behind the walls of "The Cake House" start to bubble to the surface and soon enough all hell breaks loose. Can Rosura and her mother survive this crazy life?

This was a very strange book; in a good way. Very odd characters tell a strange complicated tale. Their story sucks you in just to see what strange thing might happen next, making for a relatively fast read. Although at times I felt disconnect amongst the characters I found this to be more part of how the story unfolds and not affecting badly but enhancing the book. Great job Ms. Salom on an entertaining read.

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