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Book One in the Night Breed Series
ISBN #: 978-1-906023-71-3 
February 2010
Alinar Publishing
262 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Rayna is an investigative reporter in a small town newspaper. Her romance with Garrett, a police detective, is over, but even as he insults her, she still loves him.

Garrett is still in love with Rayna, but broke up with her to save her. He is very good at his job and very good looking, but has some secrets that he cannot share with anyone.

A serial killer is lurking in the shadows of quiet Bluff’s Point. So far, three women have been murdered and no suspects have been detained. Reporter Rayna Ford is determined to break the story, but her ex-boyfriend, Detective Garrett Kincaid, seems more intent on insulting her than solving the case. In the middle of all this, her boss orders her to go to the remote town of Wolf’s Creek to investigate a rumor that werewolves really exist. She has no idea what is in store for her there, but Garrett does, he is one of them.

This is a very exciting story. The action starts on the very first page and does not stop until the very end. Malcolm and Carmen are pretty diabolical villains, and I was happy to see their plans not go as expected. Caleb was downright scary, and not just his weird blue hair. The plot was very well crafted and the author built the suspense until I just could not take any more and then cranked it up just a little bit more. Rayna is a very strong woman despite the cruelty of Garrett and his misplaced overprotective behavior. I felt very sorry for her coworker, Mitch, and am curious to see if the loose ends are tied up in a sequel.

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