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Book 2 in the White Wolf Series
ISBN #: 9781611187168
March 2012
Loose ID
280 Pages
Multicultural Paranormal Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Melanie White is Native American and a direct descendant of a wolf shifter. She is also a White Wolf Healer. However, her grandmother died before she could teach her what she needed to know to actually heal. At this point her gifts seem only to entail the ability to hear the last call of a dying soul. She is in love with one of the descendants of the town’s founders, Mike Dorland.

Mike Dorland has more than a few secrets. He has discovered that Melanie White is his mate, and has returned to town to claim her and put a few mysteries to rest.

With Mike Dorland back in town it is very easy for Melanie to dream of what could be. However, her father killed his while driving drunk, or so the stories go, and she does not believe that he could possibly love her due to that fact. Anyway, it is all she can do to work two jobs, make sure her mother does not go back the bottle, and get her sister off to college. She does not have time for love or happily ever after no matter how much her heart might wish it. But Mike and his brother being back in town has stirred up a hornet’s nest and when both people and bears begin dying in horrific ways, Mike knows he has to find out what in going on, and if it is connected to the past he and Melanie share. In the meantime, he has every intention of courting and claiming Melanie. Will Melanie wake up and realize that Mike has every intention of keeping her? Will these two and their own special spiritual gifts be able to stop whoever is killing people and bears? With the body count on the rise, they had better figure it out soon, because it is certain if they do not more people will die.

The Call of the Soul is an exemplary story, and one that I enjoyed reading very much! The story was believable, and the characters seemed to step right off the page and into my heart. Melanie in particular stirred my heartstrings because like her when I was growing up I was always the girl on the outside, so I was really able to relate to her. I loved Mike because despite the fact that he could have been a real snob, he was not. Having money, and growing up relatively wealthy did not turn him into a jerk. Also, the love he has for his mother, brother and Melanie rings true throughout the entire story; a real stand-up kind of guy in my opinion. I also thought Ms. Carlo did a stellar job at world building and I for one intend to go back and read the first book. This is one book, and one series that I highly recommend. If you want some romantic suspense and hot loving to pass the hours, then you don’t want to miss The Call of the Soul!

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