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ISBN#: 9781603708432
October 2009
Torquere Press
148 Pages
Gay, Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, Top Shelf Anthology
Rating: 5 Cups

Absolutely Magic

Damon McTavish is a demon hunter. He has never met a demon he was unable to leave behind or kill. His well-ordered life was going smoothly until he came face to face with a demon he was unable to walk away from.

Alisdair believes Damon is the one meant to save him from his demon existence. Is Damon destined to be his savior or his executioner, and will he have the chance to find out?

Damon and Alisdair are about to embark on a journey together. The decisions they make will resonate for both them. Making the right one is the only way to guarantee a future for either of them.

I loved Damon McTavish but Alisdair was a hoot. I loved his tail and how it got in on the action. A wonderful story of how love conquers all.

Reasonable Force

Daniel is a protector on the edge since losing his best friend and partner. He is unsure how to handle the new demon; kiss him or kill him.

Korim thinks Daniel is a powerful man and he inspires feelings like no other. Korim must convince Daniel that an agent of God and a demon can find a way to be together.

Daniel and Korim are unable or unwilling to stop fighting each other because that may be the only way they can be together. It just may take death for these two opposing forces to find their way to each other.

The fights between Korim and Daniel are fun. I loved how despite all that, Korim is unable to stop following Daniel in order to just be near him. Meredith Shayne expertly drew the reader to the demon and made us root for him.


Raphael is a demon with a heart, and it is Valentine’s Day. He has been missing his man, so he hatches a plan to bring together two men who want each other but are unable to express the need to each other out of fear.

Dominic is a demon hunter and in love with a demon. He is aware that this is strange but is unable to deny his love for Raphael.

Raphael never lets another become one with him, which goes against his nature, but true love makes even demons do strange things. He’s determined to see these two men together on today of all days, and if it brings his man running, so be it. All is fair in love and, well, love.

Raphael is an imp as well as a demon. Glyn Soitino brought to life a demon with a sense of humor, and I caught myself laughing out loud at his antics. The scene with the two men is hysterical and alone well worth reading Hungry for.

Cool Heat

Jason is a demon hunter and has never hesitated in his missions. That is until he comes face to face with a demon that appears to love a human and offers to set him up with his friend, another demon.

Kirhal never thought to find a human of his own. His fascination with Jason is beyond anything he ever imagined, and he hopes to convince Jason to keep him forever.

Jason is unable to get the picture of ecstasy on the face of the demon’s lover out of his head; he becomes obsessed and decides he will summon a demon of his own. He is shocked to find that he likes Kirhal outside of the bedroom as much as inside it and has to decide if he wants a permanent commitment with a demon.

Cool Heat is a classical love story, as much as it can be, between two demons. Kirhal sounds like a sweetheart who would be difficult for anyone to resist. Taylor Lochland has created a story that is worth visiting more than once.

A Calling for Pleasure

Rael holds no animosity for the poor kid who summoned him, but he was bound by the summoning. He’s unwilling to leave the sustenance, but he would never hurt a human. He is excited by the detective who comes to arrest him and offers no resistance.

Detective Lars Thornsson is a paranormal enforcer determined to catch the female demon feeding on unsuspecting victims and leaving them to die. He arrests Rael but hopes that he is innocent, because he is unsure if he can keep his hands off of him.

Rael is determined to make sure that Lars is unharmed. Lars assists him in being released from police custody. Can these men, so far apart by who they are, find a way back to each other?

A Calling for Pleasure is a perfect addition to the collection. I absolutely fell in love with Rael and Lars and would love to read more about them. JL Merrow has created two unforgettable characters everyone should have an opportunity to meet.

Screamin’ Demon

Mick is a demon hunter without mercy. That is until he runs into a demon that claims to be half human.

Azarian runs from the presence of the demon hunter but is caught in his barriers and can only hide. The hunter is sexy, all in black, too bad he is determined to end his existence.

Azarian has to do some fast talking to keep Mick from killing him. Mick is conflicted by his feelings for the half demon, feelings he has never experienced with another.

Azarian is one funny half demon. His character alone made the reading of Screamin’ Demon a pleasure. I loved his sense of humor, and the way he spoke had me laughing uncontrollably.

A Perfect Target

Trent is involved with Carl and Adrian. Sounds ordinary until you realize Carl and Adrian are not completely human, but Trent would not trade them for anything in the world.

Adrian is a wanted demon. Half demon and half angel he is on the Pope’s schedule for destruction.

Adrian loves Trent, and he will do anything to ensure that Trent and Carl are safe; even disappear. Trent is devastated by the defection of Adrian and is unwilling to let him go so easy.

The erotic birthday present that Trent receives from Adrian is so erotic and sexy that it made me envious of the grace and beauty. I wish Carl was a larger part of the story as he appeared to be a third wheel in the relationship, but the love between Trent and Adrian more than made up for his absence.

The One Who Comes in the Night

Drew Miller is devastated by the thought that he may not have a job come the morning. Depressed he goes to bed early but wakes to a dream of epic proportions.

Blaise targets the little blond as his prey but soon finds it difficult to see him that way. He found it difficult to leave and breaks all the rules by returning each night.

Drew is unable to forget the man who visits him in his sleep. Blaise yearns for Drew by day and is unable to stay away at night, even at the risk of his own existence.

Drew and Blaise find a gentle love together. Kate Roman is an expert at evoking emotions in her readers and truly has mastered the ability. Reading The One Who Comes In The Night was such a beautiful experience that I would share with all readers.


Mark and Alan made a deal with a devil, and it’s time to pay the piper. Mark is enthusiastic about his payment, but Alan is less so, especially if it means he receives punishment from his master.

Riskin has deals with many men, but Mark and Alan are special. He takes pleasure in meting out Alan’s punishment and proving who is boss.

Mark will make sure that Alan takes his punishment gracefully if for no other reason than to see him submit. He hopes to have many happy years with the sexy Riskin and his special partner Alan.

Sean Michael is an extremely talented writer. Payday is an outstanding story written by a master. I was as enthralled by this one as I always am with all of his stories.

The Care and Feeding of Demons is an excellent anthology. It is an outstanding mix of love, erotica, and humor with just the right touch of adventure to draw any reader. There is a something here for everyone. I have discovered some new authors as well as visiting some authors I am already a huge fan of. This is one book that should not be missed.

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