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Book 1: Assassin’s Pride
ISBN#: 9781920468989
November 2010
Silver Publishing
251 Pages
M/M, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Noah Anderson has a secret that he must keep at all costs. No one can find out about it because if they do, it could mean his life. An obsessive compulsive by nature, Noah has no real friends except for his cat, Precious.

Gage Tynan is a killer for hire. Gage’s missions have been going a little wonky lately, and his current one is no exception.

When Gage jumps into Noah’s car, he is intrigued by the odd little man who is driving it. Too bad he is now going to have to kill said man because Noah has seen his face. While this is his initial intention, Noah’s odd quirks begin to quickly endear him to the man. When Noah admits to being a virgin and to wanting to have sex with Gage, Gage jumps at the opportunity. The sex is positively mind blowing for both of them, and Gage begins to wonder how he is going to kill the man who has just given him the best sex he has ever had. When two men enter Noah’s apartment with the intention of killing Noah, Gage saves him by killing them instead. Now he and Noah are on the run. Gage has no idea what it is about Noah that makes him want to protect him and even Noah’s fat cat, Precious, but the idea of anything happening to Noah is something that Gage cannot stand the thought of. But there is more to Noah than meets the eye, and when Gage finally discovers his secrets, things get even more dicey. Will Gage be able to protect the man he is coming to love, or will Noah’s enemies have the last word?

The Cat’s Meow is another winning story from Ms. Glenn! I loved these two characters to death. While I did initially wonder about how a killer for hire could be the hero, the author came through in typical fashion with the perfect explanation. While I did not care for Gage’s job at first, it became apparent quickly that his job was what made him the perfect lover and mate for Noah. Noah’s obsessive compulsive behavior is well described and obviously the author understands the condition and did her research accordingly as he is written very realistically. The world building on this story totally rocked, as did the love and hot love scenes between Noah and Gage. Another fantastic book from the incomparable Stormy Glenn. I personally cannot wait for the next book in this series!

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