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ISBN# 9781603946858
December 2011
New Concepts Publishing
315 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The savage Deg’Naras brings the once great Chiagan-se race to the brink of extinction. All their females are killed and the remaining men leave to salvage what is left of their race by sending seeker ships around the universe to find mates that match their genetics and start over. When almost all hope is lost, a match is found, but since the time is running out, the females are kidnapped.

Kara Nichols and almost a 1000 other human women wake from a two hundred years sleep in an unmanned spaceship without knowing how they got there. Scared out of their wits from the unknown surroundings, they get a holographic image telling them, they are mates of some aliens. The final straw; first kidnapped then to be mated. They will not go without a fight.

The men arrive eagerly yet apprehensively to see their chalices and mate with them, only to find them terrified and unwilling to give in easily. Hence, the battle of wits, wills, and compassion begins with difficulty in communicating with each other in their respective languages. Alongside is the danger of being discovered by Deg’Nara and finally be sent to extinction. With time running out, will the Chiagan-se be able to start over with their chalices, or all be killed by the Deg’Nara?

This is what I call a complete novel. The author has left no stone unturned. Every question and doubt is answered beautifully. From the very first page I was pulled in and could not let go till it was finished. Each and every character is so vibrant and individual; you can imagine them right in front of you. The author blended them all beautifully without taking focus away from the main leads. She made me laugh like a nut, cry, feel the anger, compassion, frustration, and any other emotion you can think of. It felt like reading a 3-D novel. Though I did not like some of the lovable characters being killed off, it made it even more real. I totally did not want this book to end and request the author for a sequel. This was not enough. Did I mention I loved it?

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