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ISBN #: 9781623007355
January 27, 2015
Loose ID
$ 4.99
148 Pages
LGBT, Urban Fantasy
Rating: 4 Cups

When an ordinary human magician steals his soul, two-thousand-year-old dragon Halym is certain his punishment is to die. Trapped in the body of a man, Halym is under the complete control of his captor, Merrick. Though he must do as Merrick asks, Halym does not have to do anything until Merrick expressly says. By means of this magical loophole, Halym makes it his mission to be as difficult as possible until he can find where his soul is hidden and make his escape.

Merrick is a magician who has been suspending his age for the last seventy years. But his thirty-five year old body cannot hide the wisdom in his eyes. He needs the dragon, known in magical circles as the Warden of the Downs, to help him bring back the dead. Arthur is Merrick’s one true love, and he died long ago in the Blitz. It turns out that controlling a dragon is far more complicated than Merrick first imagined.

In close confines, the attraction between Halym and Merrick is hard to ignore and burns stronger every day. Amid their battle of wills, each begins to see a different side of the other and develop mutual genuine affection. But the question of Arthur still remains. Halym can make Merrick’s wish come true. When the time comes, will Merrick want that wish to come true? Or will his feelings for Halym make him see that the past is gone, and that his future lies in the soul he’s stolen - in more ways than one?

What a surprisingly poignant story. I tend not to pick up a lot of fantasy, but I am glad I picked up this one. The fantastical world that Nessa Vincent created is well-drawn, and the way in which Merrick lets go of the love he lost is incredibly touching. The tender moments between Merrick and Halym had me rooting for them the whole way through. If this genre is up your alley - and even if it is not - I definitely recommend you give it a try.

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