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ISBN: 978-0-06-234362-8
June 2, 2015
William Morrow
Hard Cover
323 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

As the war drags on, feeding her family is becoming more difficult for Charlotte Christiansen. They need money, which means this year’s cherry harvest must happen.

Kate can see the strain her parents are under; not only with her brother Ben off to war, but with no one left to help work the orchard. Chores are an everyday part of life, yet Kate longs for the day she can leave it all behind and go to university.

The idea Charlotte has of using German POW’s to work the orchards is not exactly embraced by the community, although everyone agrees they have little choice. Befriending any of the prisoners is the last thing on Charlotte’s mind, yet she cannot help but be drawn to the man her husband enlists as a tutor for Kate. Getting into university is all Kate wants, even though Charlotte feels it is nothing but a foolish dream. What breaks her heart is the thought that Ben is risking his life fighting Germans while she is inviting one into her home.

Charlotte is a very tough, focused, and no-nonsense type of woman. She has very little use for anything or anyone who does not appreciate hard work or the preservation of their way of life. This is most evident in her attitude towards her children, especially with Kate, who is a dreamer like her father. Not surprisingly, Charlotte is also quite capable of justifying her actions to suit her needs.

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