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ISBN# 9780062136305
November 2013
Avon Romance
$7.99 US/$9.50 CAN
374 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The twinkling lights, festive music and all-around good cheer make Carrie MacGregor want to hole up and wait for spring.

When he leaves Twilight, Texas, Mark Leland heads for bigger and better things, not realizing until now that happiness is already at his fingertips.

Mark rolls into town with his reality TV show to debunk the high school sweetheart myth on which Twilight has built its reputation. As much as Carrie wants to hate him, she cannot. What they have shared all those years before comes screaming back. Only this time, Carrie fears she may never get over the pain when it will be time for him to leave.

First loves have a way of sticking with you, no matter how ill fated they may be. Carrie and Mark get a second chance to rekindle that flame, and what beautiful heat they have.

Each day that Earl is gone, Raylene Pringle loses another tiny piece of her heart. After a year, she has almost given up hope.

The last year is one that Shannon Dugan never, ever wants to repeat. Her new life starts now, and she wants to do it with a clean slate.

A year ago, when Raylene tells Earl about the baby girl she has given up thirty-five years before, he walks out and has not been back. Although her heart is shattered, life goes on. Right now, she needs to hire a new bar maid. Shannon comes to Twilight to confront a mother she does not know. Discovering she could really enjoy living here comes as a shock. Falling for a man she barely knows is downright scary.

Getting kicked when you are down is definitely not fun. These two women have definitely taken more than a few hits in the last year. Finding the strength to persevere is a trait they both share, even if they have a hard time seeing it for themselves.

Losing a life's dream at sixteen could make anyone bitter. Christine Noble prefers to bake cakes instead.

Being a single father of four while trying to run a ranch leaves Eli Borden with very little time for anything else.

The accident that destroys her running career as a teen also takes away any hope Christine will ever have of conceiving a baby. Normally, she hides the pain well. But this year, babies are all around her. In a rush to get his teen daughter a birthday cake, Eli steps into Christine's bakery, and his whole world stops. Here is the girl he has kissed once. A kiss he has never forgot.

When you mix together just the right amounts of sweet, sad and sexy, you get a story that has you devouring every last word.

Her funds may be a little strapped for a while, but love is something Flynn MacGregor Calloway has in abundance.

Every time Jesse Calloway looks at his beautiful wife, his heart swells to near bursting.

With an ice storm bearing down on them, the last thing Jesse wants is to have his very pregnant wife out on the roads. Delivering Christmas to a needy family is more important to Flynn than a little discomfort, so getting left behind while Jesse does all the work is not happening. Unfortunately, their plans to be back way before the storm hits do not quite go as scheduled.

Jesse's worries and concerns for Flynn just reinforce the depth of his love for her and their unborn child. Their hearts are so full of love for each other the pages of this story nearly glow with its radiance.

Many authors can give you a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling with a touching sentiment here and there. Ms. Wilde reaches deep into the hearts of her characters and delivers stories that overflow with love and meaning. Her characters also defy convention, old or young, rich or poor and everything in between. This is a beautiful book to curl up with on a cold day. Not only does it warm the heart. It soothes the soul as well.

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