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ISBN#: 9781920468668
November 2010
Silver Publishing
574 Pages
GLBT (m/m), Historical, Western
Rating: 3 Cups

Calvin, Caleb, Calhoun and Caliban Caldwell are the foundation for which the The City of Lovely Brothers was built. A true family with all of the struggles and pain that loving can bring.

Together these brothers must learn to weather the storm of change and each find their niche in the world. Amid the chaos of struggling to survive in a time when many failed there will be tests of their character some they will pass and some they will fail.

This close knit family will be tried by tragedy and the struggle, which comes from four strong willed men learning to compromise and find their place in the world. Through it all though Caliban may seem the weakest he is the one who has the strength to go against convention and make his own way in the world.

The City of Lovely Brothers has a wonderful story to tell. Unfortunately many times I felt like a target for facts, which are being shot out like bullets. The pace of the book is slow in some areas while in others I felt like I was one step behind and struggling to keep up. The best part of this story is that though the facts are missiles they do provide a well-rounded picture of the characters, their environment and the world around them. Anel Viz has a good handle on her story line, the background of both character and era and she provides a story worth reading despite the roller coaster feel.

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