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The Submissive Series

Book 1: The Submissive
Book 2: The Dominant
Book 3: The Training
Book 4: Seduced By Fire
Book 5: The Chalet
Book 6: The Enticement
Book 7: The Collar
Book 8: The Master
Book 9: The Exhibitionist

The Submissive Series, Book 7
ISBN: 978-0-451-47453-7, 10: 0-451-47453-8
July 7, 2015
New American Library
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US / $18.00 CAN
320 Pages
Contemporary Romance, BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

One would think after this long it would be easier to see her ex-Dom, only Dena Jenkins feels the pain as fresh as it was the day she walked out of his home. As a prosecuting attorney Dena knows how to fight to win, but in this she is clueless.

The first time he saw her, Jeff Parks pegged her as an angel, someone far too smart, beautiful, and successful to even look twice at a man like him. Yet for a short time, none of that mattered.

Dena knows a master Dom when she sees one, and no one has ever touched her as deeply or thoroughly as Jeff. Their breakup left her heartbroken, but when she needs someone to help her with a stalker, he is the first person she thinks of. Jeff drops everything to help Dena, even though being near her makes him want what can never be. Dena, however, sees this as her last chance to show a Master how perfect this sub can be.

Bone-deep grief is a hard thing to get over, especially when it is also layered in a thick blanket of guilt. Dena and Jeff are fighting hard to bury their feelings, which means some serious sparks when those feelings get the better of them. In my opinion, the seriousness of their pain makes their story even more poignant. I love that Dena and Jeff share a past, both good and bad, and that their D/s relationship is woven throughout it all.

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