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ISBN#: 97830108201001
January 2010
Whispers Publishing
142 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Ava Renolds is an angel who has landed in the depths of hell. Lying in chains, she is praying for death when in walks a devil who becomes an angel of mercy.

Dalton has killed for a woman as he has never done before; simply because she asked. On the run from his boss and mentor, he has to hide Ava, because otherwise she would be eliminated.

Ava never thought she would be saved and never dreamed her savior would come in such a handsome package. Unsure of what she needs, she has found something worth living for. Dalton will protect Ava against anyone -- even someone close to home.

The Collector is an outstanding story. I was truly shocked by the talent Melissa Harlow used to conceal the identity of the enemy. Ava and Dalton are one of the sweetest couples, even though Dalton at first appears to have less than a sterling character. The author tells a truly beautiful story despite the ugliness of the crime. I will be keeping an eye on Melissa Harlow and look forward to reading more of her stories.

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