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The Mediterranean Trilogy
Book 1: Between Land and Sea
Book 2: The Coming of Arabella

September 2015
Soul Mate Publishing
190 pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Barbara Davies, an ex-mermaid, has gone through a lot in the past year, including having had to practically reinvent herself from scratch. In that time, she has found happiness with a job she loves and a soon-to-be fiancé. Just when she thinks that things are finally falling into place and her troubles are over, her long lost sister, Arabella shows up and her arrival is just the precursor to Barbra’s life being thrown back into turmoil.

Barbara sees Arabella as a spoiled, selfish menace, bent on grabbing all of the attention from others around her and ruining her life. She boasts of her rich husband, who is an ex-lover of Barbra’s, reveals Barbra’s secrets, and insinuates herself into every aspect of her life. Barbara’s fiancé leaves and takes a teaching job across the country, Barbra is suspended from work, and her family and friends believe that she, not Arabella, is at fault.

Instead of staying and dealing with the aftermath, Barbra flees south to a retreat ran by another ex-mermaid for others of her kind. One Sunday they attend a local church and Barbra meets the charismatic and handsome preacher, and though he seems interested, she thinks he may be too good to be true. Just as she begins to feel peace, it is fractured by the arrival of Arabella, in whose wake secrets emerge and tragedy follows. Eventually she comes to a decision about what to do with her life ... will she go back to what she knew or follow another path?

The story read smoothly and was well edited, but seemed to read like a recitation of what had occurred. There is a lot of catch up to do since this is the second book, but the author does an admiral job and avoids “info dumps.” The main message of the story was accepting what life gives you, forgiveness, finding the good in others, and using positive thought. This book was just not the one for me, but would be a good choice for someone who enjoys books that tell a message like this one does.

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