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ISBN# 978-0-9823065-0-5
November 2009
Crescent Moon Press
212 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Ratings: 4 Cups

Jennifer Brant is often known as the Iron Lady of Marlpit. Her farm holds a portal where a spirit often passes through, and she knows when the spirit has made its presence known. She must never allow anyone to build on her farm.

Nathan McDugan would like to purchase Jennifer’s land to build a concert hall. He believes since Jennifer is deep in debt, accepting his offer would be a wise decision.

Jennifer must never allow anyone to use heavy machinery on her land or trouble could erupt. That means even handsome masculine Nathan who desires to buy her property. Her land is not for sale, and she has no intentions of selling. Most importantly she can never allow Nathan to know about the portal that sits on her property. When her brother, Michael, cannot be found, her sister-in-law, Terry sick, and a murder occurs, Jennifer has no time to ponder on other matters. What surprises Jennifer is the fact that there was no rift until Nathan made her an offer. Now Jennifer has no idea who to trust as a greater force seems to break through the portal. With too many circumstances springing up around her, why does she feel strong feelings for Nathan?

The Company You Keep is a delightful story. I enjoyed the simmering chemistry that slowly continued to brew between Jennifer and Nathan. The suspense spills along the way, and keeps the reader engaged and on the edge-of-the-seat. With each page, I was taken deeper and deeper into this driven read. Penelope Marzec builds an in-depth story, and driven players that captivate. I found the foundation of the storyline wonderfully done. This story not only kept this reader guessing until the conclusion, but also left a wonderful sensation in the soul after this unique read.

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