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This book is a sequel to The Billionaires Lady

ISBN #: 1-61034-211-9
January 2011
71 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Leigh is not really the spoiled princess that she would like everyone to believe she is. Her mother and father require her to keep up the image when she would really rather relax in casual clothes. They want her in a position of power in the pack. She does not like the person everyone sees.

Matt is a cop and the enforcer for his pack. He is in town for his sister’s wedding to the Alpha of the Twin Rivers Pack. He has pretty much given up the idea of finding his mate and right now is only interested in making sure that his sister is happy and safe.

Leigh and Matt are the most unlikely of couples. The rough around the edges cop and the society princess could not be more different. And that is without the added complication of Leigh’s pursuit of Matt’s sister’s mate. But Leigh is Matt’s other half and he is determined to claim her despite their differences. He will find out that she is not what she appears.

This is an interesting story. I really disliked Leigh in the last story and the first part of this one. She can be vicious and nasty. The author does a great job of revealing the insecure woman beneath the polished veneer. She really blooms when she meets her mate. Matt is very different; a cop from Santa Fe with no pretensions and a lot of sex appeal. Their story has its ups and downs and is never boring.

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