Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781771300636
June 2012
Evernight Publishing
267 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

An extremely drunk Meg Hightower and her friends unwittingly unlock a curse. Meg awakens the following morning with a hellacious headache and a rotting, though animated corpse in her apartment.

Thinking the zombie must be an alcoholic delusion brought on by her overindulgence the night before; Meg leaves her apartment, only to encounter her nerdy neighbor, Armando. It turns out the apparition is not a figment of her pickled brain cells after all.

Meg starts feeling decidedly unwell so she and Armando enlist the aid of Dr. Gonzalez, Armando’s father. Meg’s physical ailments continue to worsen and soon they are racing to find a cure before it is too late for her. In the meantime, a hulking black bird also attaches itself to Meg and the corpse shadowing her.

I have to say that I have never read a book remotely similar to this one. The originality of the story kept me entertained throughout. I enjoyed the journey as Meg learns how and why the curse was activated. Meg must watch helplessly as her body deteriorates – of course, she devises plan after plan attempting to halt the progress. Armando is a straight-laced young man, and it was difficult for me to warm to him; however, he does his best to stick by Meg regardless of the fact that the once beautiful girl he had always admired from afar is now literally falling apart. Humor, mystery, and a decidedly gross “yuck” factor combine to make this one of the best reads for me this year.

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