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ISBN#: 9781905091560
February 2010
Logical-Lust Publications
278 Pages
Erotic, Light BDSM
Rating: 4 cups

Boston, Breasts, Bohemian by Jeremy Edwards

Claudia likes her men young and a bit on the Bohemian side.

Ned is surprised by the personal invitation from his sexy boss, and he knows he would be crazy to pass it up.

Claudia and Ned find immense pleasure together. For the moment it is enough and when it is over they will be left with many fond memories.

Boston, Breasts, Bohemian is a straight forward, no fuss story about two people who know what they want and get it. Jeremy Edwards writes a wonderful story about getting what you want in a relationship instead of being hung up on the limits society sets.

What Pretty Girls Do by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Sheena is an aging model who finds herself less than perfect and washed up in the modeling industry. She feels sorry for herself until her much younger assistant decides to give her a hand or two.

Braden has no fear of age. All he knows is the way Sheena makes him feel.

Sheena is supposed to be celebrating the big 40 though she sees nothing to be happy about. Will Braden show her there is a lot of life left to live?

What Pretty Girls Do is a nice story though it would appear to be missing a little something to make it interesting for the reader. I was interested but felt mildly warm about the story.

Whiskey Spread by Sascha Illyvich

Morgana is a well-established woman with a taste for good liquor and expensive cigars. Her standing Tuesday night customer comes in for his fix, but for the first time in three years, he brings along a woman.

Nicholas has almost lost all hope of ever getting the attention he craved from the sexy bartender at his favorite cigar bar. He makes a huge mistake of attempting to find someone else and realizes there is no replacement for the real deal.

A chance encounter in a busy train station offers both a chance to see just how far their feelings can go. Both will have to take a leap of faith and see if they can get a fire started between them.

Whiskey spread is a rare read because the cougar is sure of herself and her need for a particular younger man. I also like the man who is able to let go and be seduced by a woman and Sascha Illyvich creates a man strong enough to say that is his preference. Whiskey Spread is an outstanding story well worth the read.

Spring Training by Heidi Champa

Sandy has been divorced for more than a year and in all that time she has been alone. Maybe she could use the year of abstinence as an excuse for her fascination with the young college student.

The woman who watches him practice fascinates Derek. Curiosity gets the best of him and he uses a baseball to break the ice and her window.

Sandy enjoys the view and is absorbed with the need to know the sexy one. Derek finds the woman behind the glass beautiful and exciting. A baseball will bring them together; will anything keep them apart?

Spring Training is a wonderful story of lust between two people who come together despite their age. Heidi Champa never allows age to be a huge issue in the story, which is outstanding. Spring Training is a delightful addition to a cougar anthology.

Labeled by Tara S. Nichols

Toni is having a midlife crisis. Her husband has left her for someone younger and a man. Does she really want the tattoo or the tattoo artist; which will make her feel better?

Sawyer has always lived his life one step ahead of his peers, which leaves him feeling older than his age. Therefore it is ironic that the woman of his dreams thinks he is too young.

Toni is unable to forget the sexy man after her first visit, so she returns to gather her courage once again. Sawyer has this one chance to get the sexy woman to see beyond his looks and into the old soul he truly is.

Labeled is an enjoyable story about judging from the outside. Many people see tattoos and piercings and think irresponsible. Tara S. Nichols is challenging the reader to step outside the bad boy stereotype and really get to know someone. Labeled is a very good story with hot sex to crank it up a little.

Adrian’s Lover by Craig J. Sorensen

Brendan is roped into doing an interview with a singer named Adrian and finds it difficult to discover any information about her. He gives up a date he worked two months for and thinks he is going home alone until Adrian walks in and his evening takes on a whole different dimension.

Adrian is attempting a career come back and starting in a small town seems just the ticket she needs. With four failed marriages behind her, she is not in the market for another, but the sexy reporter, Brendan, is temptation incarnate.

Brendan is about to learn some life lessons and the night he thought was destroyed may bring him more than he ever expected. He wanted forever and all she needed was one night, but his life was altered forever regardless.

Adrian’s Lover is such a sweet story. It is the story of two people who come together for one night and teach other a little something. The unique concept of one night being exactly that is a novel concept but highlights how a woman can give in to needs but has no need for a permanent man to be happy.

Comfort Food by Donna George Storey

Natalie is enjoying a new life without her ex in it. She vacations at a quaint little inn and discovers an amazing butterscotch pudding and the sexy young chef who made it.

Joseph finds Natalie to be a shocking surprise, for a woman who never cooked professionally she knows an awful lot about flavor, but no matter how much she knows, he promised to never reveal the recipe.

Can a young man hold out against a sexy cougar determined to get all his secrets? Natalie is determined he will spill all before she is done with him.

Comfort food is a nice addition to any cougar book. The story is more about savoring passion and life rather than a sizzling love affair between a cougar and cub. I enjoyed the writing of Donna George Storey and you will too.

Illicit Desires by J.C. Wesner

Cynical Nicci is scandalized by her father’s marriage to a woman eight years her junior. Forced on a cruise with her new family she is rather shocked by her new stepbrother whose attraction knocks her back a step.

Carson has a love/hate feeling for Nicci. Her first words are an insult to his mother, but from the moment he set his eyes on her, he wants her.

Can the woman who has no faith in love and the man who believe in true love find a common ground on which they can come together or are they destined for disappointment?

Illicit Desires is an excellent cougar story. The cub in this story has more to teach the cougar than the cougar could ever imagine. I absolutely found their story sizzling and loved the very last line, which made me laugh.

Too Many Buffalo by Randall Lang

Elizabeth broke down in the hot Oklahoma heat and thought she would be stranded. Along comes the sexy Native American Kenny who is a wet dream walking.

Kenny thinks Elizabeth a rare woman of beauty, style and grace and despite the age gap between them, finds himself immensely attracted to a woman twice his age.

Elizabeth decides she finds Kenny irresistible and figures the best way she can say thank you for his gallantry is to give him an afternoon he will never forget.

In Too Many Buffalo, the cougar will teach the cub. I love Kenny. Randall Lang provided a revealing character, which enables the reader to begin to understand the psych of a man.

Get Up, Stand Up by Madeline Moore

Annie is engaged and has a sweet young man sitting on her balcony in protest. She wonders where exactly her life got off track.

Guy will starve for a cause but is willing to throw in the towel when it becomes apparent his cause is lost. His cause for Annie is all but lost, but he is determined love will conquer all.

Annie told herself she only intended to take him home since he needed somewhere to go, but she knew it was a little lie. Annie has her eyes on a wealthy new husband, and Guy has his eye on Annie -- who will win in this sexual standoff?

Get Up, Stand Up was funny but sad at the same time. Madeline Moore entices the reader to feel compassion for both characters who are in very different stages in life. The authors handling of a touchy subject of the cougar and cub moved me.

Sally Jean, the Dishroom Queen by Bill Brent

It all started with a bright idea. Sally had economic reasons for taking the dishwashing job, but she settled in nicely and even made some extra cash on the side.

The members of the dishwashing crew all had their own special names. Despite the kookiness of the team, they all meshed and loved Sally’s nightly show.

Sally knows this gig will be over sooner rather than later and decides to enjoy it while she can. She garners quite an audience until the night she is caught and gig is up.

Sally Jean, the Dishroom Queen somehow never finds a niche with the rest of the stories in the cougar anthology. The story is a mishmash of emotions from a woman who chose her cub unwisely and is now paying the price. An interesting read but nothing to take up room on the shelf.

A Taste of Ginger by Adriana Kraft

Ginger has no clue how she got talked into a swinger club with bedrooms, but it is divorce day for her, and her friend suggested she might have fun. The problem is the men in the club are half her age in some cases and less in others.

Nathan is a prime example of a man half her age, but he knows what he wants in a woman. He coaxes Ginger to a private room so he can have his wicked way with her despite her protests about age.

Ginger figures why not, and Nathan is already anticipating next time. The cougar and the cub just may find exactly what they need in each other.

A Taste of Ginger is a fabulous story of a successful coming together. The reader is left with the idea that this cougar and cub have potential for more than one night. Adriana Kraft writes an exceptional story full of possibilities.

Illicit Intentions by Keeb Knight

Lauren has a taste for the young and naughty. In this case the cub she has in her sights is her daughter’s, but she only wants to borrow him.

Kyle has desired his future mother-in-law from the first moment he met her. He never thought he would have a chance to actually touch the flawlessly beautiful woman.

Kyle has no clue how he got into this situation, but he absolutely knows he is not leaving until he gets his. Unfortunately there is a little surprise waiting for him at the end.

Illicit Intentions starts out with a curve that may cause a few readers a bit of a twinge. All I can say is hang in there because it all ends with a bang. In the end, reading Illicit Intentions was well worth the time.

Shelly’s Mom by Jolene Hui

Helen is a cougar and proud of it. Oh, she has a standard, but she was all for a taste of the twenties.

Marshall thinks the woman running the party is sexy. He has no idea the woman is old enough to be Shelly’s Mom.

Helen and Marshall are interrupted during their first kiss, but both are determined it will not be their last. Marshall has something more than the standard young stud for Helen, and he is less than eager to be dismissed.

I enjoyed Shelly’s Mom because the cougar got more from the cub than she expected. Jolene Hui offered an erotic encounter without any hang-ups.

Cruising for C-Men by Dona Lee

Cindy is on a cruise and determined to have something hot and hard in her future. Unlike the other people on board, she is unwilling to play games to get it.

Chester has no clue he is the fresh meat on this cougars menu. As a member of the ship’s crew he is supposed to ensure the happiness of the guests so he has to do what Cindy says, right?

Cindy is determined the sexy purser will give her what she needs and in turn be thankful for his demanding job.

Cruising for C-Men was nothing like I expected when I first started reading it. Dona Lee has a wonderful ability for telling a story and the punch line at the end is the best. I have my eye on Dona Lee, and if you read Cruising for C-Men, you will too.

A Great Commute by D.L. King

Anne is a mature woman who knows exactly what she wants and needs. She sees a tasty morsel on her morning commute each morning and is thrilled when he finally approaches.

Justin is an art student who is attracted to an alluring woman on his morning train. Unable to wait any longer he follows her off the train to see if they could take a different ride.

Anne is hoping Justin is able to follow directions; he is, after all, a student. Justin is thrilled Anne is willing to give him a try even if she wants him to call her ma’am.

A Great Commute is a lovely story about discovery for both characters. Anne and Justin each have needs they knew the other could meet. D.L King writes to both entertain and enlighten. This alluring story is a nice addition to a cougar anthology.

Sherry by Doug Harrison

Brad is headed for a pansexual party hosted by a friend. The classy woman dressed unlike anyone else in the room floors him.

Sherry is present to help an old friend with some interesting furniture pieces and to ensure the party is a smashing success. She is intrigued by the new addition to the party and is unable to pass up the opportunity.

Brad and Sherry thought they knew themselves very well. But there are some truths only a certain someone can reveal.

A very unusual cougar story; Sherry is told from the cub’s point of view. Primarily a story set in the BDSM community, it also covers the road to self-discovery. I found the exploration of power exchange and labels to be handled with a grace few writers achieve. Doug Harrison is well worth the read and has a subtle voice for a subject some find uncomfortable.

Mine for the Night by Brenna Lyons

The male population on Earth has been decimated by a plague, which swept the planet. Sondra is the creator of the process to repopulate the planet and young enough to reap the rewards.

Benjamin is a young offspring and one of a few who survived the maturity experiment. Today, he is offered his first touch of a woman and finds it difficult to adjust to the change.

Sondra is excited by Ben’s masculinity and aggression. Ben is stunned by his first taste of a woman. These two have a planet to save and each will do their part to further the cause.

A sizzling hot addition to the cougar line. I found the story less about the cougar and cub relationship and more about necessity. Though I enjoyed this sexy number, I really felt the story was less about the cougar dynamic.

To Make It That Way by Emerald

Nicolette, a.k.a Cole, knows exactly what she wants and feels no shame in going after it. She likes a tasty morsel she can mold to her needs, and Zack looks like a perfect snack.

Zack had little experience in the sexual department and felt he would be more of a failure with a woman like Cole, but he went along for the ride anyway. It turns into the ride of his life, and one he will never forget.

The lessons Cole gave Zack taught him how to be a man and considerate lover. Zack is a willing student smart enough to take what the cougar gave and learn his lessons well.

To Make It That Way is a thoroughly engaging story. I found the characters intriguing for the student and mentor aspect. Emerald tells the story as if she has a secret to tell, and the reader is the audience.

Her Apolonio Smile by Trish Devene

Kate is a woman of her own means. She has been divorced for several years and feels no need for a relationship, but the test of a sexy man is required.

She called him Polo, short for Apolonio. Polo is a deep well for such a young man and the look in his eyes more than makes up for any age difference.

Kate’s coworkers assumed she was a cold fish. Little do they know there is a wild woman inside, and she is raring to escape.

I found the Her Apolonio Smile blazing hot but was distracted by some of the wording she used such as “his lips would be a sparrow’s underbelly.” The phrase sounds poetic but difficult to imagine the visual if you have never been close enough to a sparrow to compare.

You Just Might Get It by Julia Barrett

Kate is engaged in an endless battle with the electronic key to her apartment building. Her neighbor, Eric, is kind enough to not only let her in but to prepare dinner for her.

The sexy woman who moved in across the way enthralls Eric. Everything about her calls to him no matter their age difference.

Eric’s flirting confuses Kate because he is so much younger. When Eric makes his move, Kate will have to decide if age is really a showstopper when passion is involved.

Julia Barrett writes a fantastic story of passion. I found the writing to be amazing and will look for future Julia Barrett works. The author an amazing ability to create engaging characters that draws the reader in and makes them apart of the story.

Inter-Office Men-O by Blue Canyon

Carol feels as if she was buried with her husband when he died. Tired of self-gratification, she decided to hell with love, she would take really good sex.

The sexy mailroom man looks like a nice morsel to take her first bite out of. The man in question has his own ideas about pleasure and looks forward to teaching the teacher.

Carol is unsure what to do when Harry decides he would like to take whatever this is outside the work area. If she accepts his invitation, it will change her whole world.

I loved Inter-Office Men-O because of the surprises sprinkled throughout the story. Blue Canyon’s writing will rock the world of anyone who takes a peek into this world, which may be other than their own.

Deep Waters by Shanna Germain

The widow of Sam McCade is tired of everyone thinking she had been in it for the money. There had been so much more to their relationship, but the surface is all anyone saw. Beneath, he was the master, and she a slave to his desire.

On a private tour of the sea, her very young guide has something to show her besides the dolphins. She is drowning in her grief and hopes this young man is willing to throw her a lifeline.

Her hopes of anonymity are dashed when the young man reveals he knows who she is. This sexy young man knows more than she could ever expect, and he is her guide by design.

Deep Waters is a story set apart from the rest. The widow’s emotions are written so profoundly, which pushes the grief into the reader. There is clear understanding that this encounter is about much more than the surface.

The varied themes of The Cougar Book offer a little something for all readers. I found some of the stories to be less than the others for grabbing my attention, but overall, leant themselves to an entertaining read. The best part of the anthology is every story challenges the reader to look outside the box and judge more wisely a cougar and cub relationship. The Cougar Book is an excellent read, and I highly recommend that if you are intrigued by this genre to give this hot number a read.

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