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ISBN#: 9781446134719
July 7, 2010
Lulu Enterprises UK, in collaboration with: Italian Romances
100 Pages
Erotic / Historical
Rating: 2 Cups

A woman of fierce intelligence and determination, Julia, despite being born of Russian nobility, works diligently as a volunteer nurse in the War of Independence. However, her marriage to Count Theodore Von Berg of Hungary is on rocky ground as they live in exile in Turin, and Julia is ready for a change.

Traveling Europe as a journalist for the Italian Times during the war is a dangerous and exhilarating occupation for Ferdinand Eber. He too is in exile and moves around regularly for his job, so it is very rare that he comes across a woman as beautiful and alluring as Julia.

Julia does not take her marriage vows lightly, but the one thing Theo wants, she will never be prepared to give again. Maybe it is time to move on, but can she trust the handsome journalist whose words say one thing but actions may mean something else? Ferdinand falls in love with Julia, and though he is reluctant to comprise her integrity and her safety, he cannot bear to be without her. Julia makes her decision and now must live with the repercussions and the opportunities that that choice affords her.

The strength and importance of women like Julia are often underplayed when it comes to historical accounts of battles and the armies of men, but this story shows just how much they meant to the war efforts. Julia is an active participant on multiple fronts, and really stands out as the main character for the reader. However it is, in my opinion, very hard to immerse yourself in a book that has been so roughly translated into English. Reading this in its original language would only prove to enhance the entire experience.

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