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ISBN: 9781622321315
February 22 2014
Silver Publishing
List Price: $7.49/Club Price: 5.99
216 pages
Contemporary Romance Comedy
Rating: 5 Cups

Fancy thought she was going to a convention on Genome Projects. She didn't know there was a Romance and Novelty Convention going on at the same time. What is a girl to do with her time when she is supposed to be enjoying herself while away at the week-long, out-of-state event to keep updated on her career? She does not expect the excitement that awaits her. She has a noisy next door neighbor that has a huge ego and lots of energy... and women around. He loves to remind people with his arrogant and irresistible nature. There is enough noise coming from his room, hitting her walls, to keep her up when she needs to be sleeping. She will have to venture out of her comfort zone of constant work in a laboratory and see what many people do to pass their time. But she refuses to give in to immature bouts of reckless fun.

Mitch Moran is sure to get your blood boiling and your body hot! He may be known to some as one of the hunkiest cover models on most romance novels of today's time. What most will never know is that he is also a lawyer. He meets a very uptight, yet pretty, lady who interrupts his nightly fun. He wants to be irritated by her intrusion, but he sees that it may be better to just watch her and figure out why there is something about her that mesmerizes him instead. What is a man to do when he is used to making silly putty of every woman who glances at him? Used to being chased, he is not used to the uncertainty and disappointment he constantly sees in his hotel neighbor's eyes. It is a good thing they only have a few days around each other. He has a case he needs to assist the FBI with and he does not need any distractions around, other than the ones that relieve his stress and not cause any.

Fancy is planning on not giving any interest to the romance convention and all the “underachievers” who do not seem to have a brain, who seem to be drawn to it. It is going on at the same time as the Genome Workshop. She soon learns there is more to the eye than simple-minded raunchiness when it comes to the play toys and books that make romance novels and the sex industry so popular. She decides to try a book out, one that has her hotel neighbor on the front of the cover. Who knew Mitch would be asking her to come to a costume party with him? He cannot believe his reaction to Fancy when away from her and he is even more distracted by his reaction while with her. She brings out a side of him that he thought was going to take at least a decade for him to get in touch with. He is drawn to her without knowing why. She is so “not his type.” What is a guy to do? Play it by ear, of course.

This book is contemporary humor at it's best. You'll find yourself empathizing with Fancy many times over as she watches “normal” people dish their dirt in a less than private way. As the plot thickens, you won't want to put down the book until it is done. There is romance, and then there are romps in the hay that make your hair stand on edge and your body buzz in tune to every word! You will get more images in your mind of some erotica at it's best with all the foreplay, sex toys, and ways to lure, and succumb, to a partner than you would in a guide book of how to get down and dirty in bed. This book is one that stands out because it is refreshing and intense. Seeing innocence and lust interplay in such a unique way sets this book apart from most of its genre. The laughs never stop and you want to read more as the book continues. It is definitely a book I can pick up more than once and say that I am very glad I read it. It gets 5 cups! It's scorching hot!

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