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ISBN# 9781416562665/9781416562818
June 21, 2011
Gallery Books, a division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.
Trade Paperback/ E Book
304 pages
Paranormal romance
Rating: 4 cups

Living on the streets, Senna Landspeth has earned her money any way she could scheme. Senna sends a letter to Countess Lazlaric, telling her that Senna is a long lost relative who has lost her mother and needs a place to live. Poor Senna may have met her match.

Nicolai Lazlaric is a vampire whose mother, the Countess, believes he died in a horrible fire. Knowing the plans his mother has for Senna, Nicolai is determined to make Senna his own.

Countess Lazlaric is eager for an heir. Determined to find a wife for her son, Charles, she is excited when a letter arrives concerning a relative in need of help. Nicolai has taken the name of Dominic Janou to help hide himself in the public eye. He does not want to see his mother succeed in her quest for an heir, at least not from Charles. Nicolai begins the seduction of Senna, the woman who is to be his brother’s wife, by simply taking a drop of her blood every night. He quickly finds that he is just as seduced by Senna as she is seduced by him. Now, he only has to keep his mother from killing Senna.

A Gothic paranormal? I thought I had fallen into something unbelievable. I was not wrong. Once I was able to get the Nicolai/Dominick situation straightened out in my mind, I soared through this book. There is an intensity to Nicolai, and the way it draws Senna to him is the same way the reader is drawn into the book. Dark and seductive, this reviewer actually found herself having to come up for air. There were moments that simply took my breath away. Ms. Devine certainly lives up to her name with this story…divine indeed.

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