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Book 1
ISBN: 0986241954, 13: 978-0-9862419-5-6
April 3, 2015
Heartless Press
E-Book / Paperback
$3.99 / $11.99
176 Pages
Science Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Aboard The Athena, Clarissa Blue is nothing but a ghost, yet there is nowhere else she would rather be. Every breath she takes is for one man. Pain is her salvation, and when he is not there to make her hurt, she feels a little less alive.

Defending the Alliance of Earthly Nations against any threat is the job of Aiden DeCaro and his crew. After the arrival of the alien species, the Prognosticate, and the subsequent Awakening; however, Aiden’s duties fall more into the administrative category than any real combat.

The Orphanage poses such little threat to the AEN it is almost laughable, yet it is Aiden’s responsibility to eliminate any danger they may present. What intrigues him more is the ever-present Prog, and how to use them to suit his needs, much like he does with Clarissa. It is only with her that he allows himself the freedom to take what he wants, however he wants it. Clarissa is a vessel to be used and discarded for as long as Aiden sees fit, or at least until the time comes to end it all.

The sadomasochistic relationship between Aiden and Clarissa lends a dark and disturbing element to an already ominous storyline. There is a benevolent attitude portrayed by the Prog which seems like more of a smoke screen, because you most definitely feel the intensity of their presence. Aiden detests this, and while his clever maneuverings to misdirect their assessments makes his intelligence very clear, what is in question, is his morality. He and Clarissa are two of a kind and clearly made for each other, but if, or more likely when, they self-destruct, will they take all of humanity with them?

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