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ISBN-13: 978-0-7783-2671-7, 10: 0778326713
December 2009
373 Pages
Suspense / Thriller
Rating: 4 Cups

He has known he wanted to be a journalist his entire life, and getting the chance to work alongside one of the greatest names in journalism is awe inspiring for Henry Parker. His job with the New York Gazette may be everything he ever dreamed of, but it is also becoming very dangerous to his health.

The months away may have saved Jack O’Donnell’s life, but the burning resentment for the person responsible will never go away. His drinking problem became fodder for the gossip columns after one very nasty article, and it forced him to make a serious change in his life.

Coming back to the job has given Jack a whole new lease on life, and he intends to make the very most of it. He will not go out as a drunken has been, and teaching a tenacious young reporter like Henry the ropes is just what he needs. Henry is still on the trail of his brother’s killer, but what he and Jack never imagined is how deep and dangerous their investigation would become. They have all seen the devastation caused by drugs and crime, and it has only intensified with the downturn in the economy, but what is lurking on the horizon will blow them all away.

The events unfolding in this story are made all the more terrifying and thrilling by the sheer reality and truth behind their message. Henry and Jack chip away bits and pieces of information in a way that makes them totally believable to their readers. They are not some hyped up super-sleuths with millions of dollars in technology at their disposal, but normal guys with the intelligence and determination to find the truth. Henry is your next door neighbor, best friend, and hard at work reporter trying to end corruption in any small way he can.

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