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ISBN: 978-1-60777-145-6
June 2009
Ravenous Romance
217 Pages
Erotic Horror
Rating: 3 Cups

The terror and fear have abated after Billy’s death and Karen and Jason’s escape from the commune, but as she watches her twins grow, a whole new set of worries takes hold of Karen. Andy seems perfectly human, but Anna’s infant form has an adult Doppelganger unlike anything Karen has ever known.

As Anna grows, she becomes increasingly aware of her uniqueness in the universe. No being, either on Earth or any other Astral plane, has the power that comes so naturally for her, or the hunger to feed that power.

Karen and Jason do everything they can to raise the twins in as normal an environment as possible for a vampire and her donor/lover. They seem to be experiencing all of the growing pains of any human children, and neither have developed any vampire traits as of yet. The years of looking over her shoulder should have prepared Karen for the worst, but no one is ever prepared when your past comes knocking on the door. Overnight, Karen’s family is thrown into a maelstrom of fear, and it will take all four of them fighting together if they stand a chance of surviving.

Book III is best experienced if you read its prequels. The characters take some time to understand if you do not know their history, but regardless they are very well written and exciting. This is certainly one of the most unique vampire novels I have come across. It is chock full of imagination and feeling; a totally fresh look at the dark side.

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