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ISBN#: 9780553394122
24 March 2015
Ballantine Books
Trade Paperback
$15.00 US/$18.00 CAN
352 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

What more could Claire ask for? She is married to a wonderful man, has a job teaching, and two beautiful daughters. Her life is going along wondrously until she notices the man she loves is becoming a stranger to her, and her daughters are fading as well. She is soon forced to leave the job she loves. She has early onset of Alzheimer's.

Claire has a memory book that her husband Greg gave her and she is furiously focused on writing in there and adding mementos to it as her memories and thoughts get jumbled and even forgotten. Hopefully the memories she shares with her family, and what they share with her, will help them stay close for as long as possible.

Claire's life takes on new meaning as she is trying to grasp her disease, understand her mother, and try to help her oldest daughter, and also not forget her youngest daughter. After a chance meeting with a handsome man, she begins wondering about her marriage and love for her husband. So much conflict and emotions abound, but the truth must be shown and lived before it's too late.

What an emotional read. You definitely need the box of tissues. Such a roller coaster of emotions and choices that must be made. Alzheimer's is such a cruel disease. Yet Claire's story is told so well, from different points of view not just one-sided. I absolutely loved the ending, what a surprising twist!. Great story, great characters, only thing left to say is go get your copy of The Day We Met.

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