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ISBN# 9780440245766
June 28, 2011
Random House
270 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Abigail Harker is duped into being a handyman for her landlord while she is trying to recover from the death of her son and husband a year ago. Abigail wants to move forward with her life and wants to feel accepted and liked in her island community as a strong and independent woman. Although she knows nothing about being a handyman, she is trying hard to get the work done so she can get her house painted. Annoyed by the tourists and treasure hunters that have invaded her island home, she decides to date one of the enemy invaders, the rich and handsome Tim.

Tim is a stockbroker trying to escape the crazy life on Wall Street. Attempting to charm Abigail, he takes her out. But Nat, a local fishing and tourism guru, does not like Tim. His jealousy creates fights between himself and Abigail, but is it because of feelings he is hiding?

With two men interested in her, and Abigail fumbling to fit in, chaos breaks out on the island. Abigail is not sure what Nat’s ulterior motives are, but she is not entirely healed from the grief of her recent loss. Sparks fly and Abigail says things that she cannot take back, but Nat keeps coming and giving her advice that she cannot resist listening to. Is there love on the horizon of this sleepy waterfront town?

With quirky and fun characters, the tension between Nat and Abigail is set against a realistic backdrop. Comedy is drizzled through the plot, lifting up what could have been a very heavy storyline. It is hard not to like such a spunky character who loves books, and there is a decent mystery within this tale. But this reader was frustrated with the fact that although it has been less than a year since the tragic death of both the son and husband of the main character, she seems surprisingly lacking of expected feelings of guilt and grief. Although the tenderness is believable, the lack of emotional depth left me tearing at my hair, flipping the pages looking for survivor’s guilt, parental emptiness, or other signs of the great loss that she suffered.

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