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ISBN#: 9781611527469
March 2015
JMS Books
135 Pages
Gay Paranormal Romance Mystery
Rating: 5 Cups

Simon Stark is a Detective Inspector in the Homicide division in Whitechapel in east London. He has returned after spending years in training. His father’s friends have promised him a nice, quiet desk job eventually, but first he has to work his way up a bit. Simon does not deal well with others, and has strong obsessive compulsive tendencies, though he does his best to hide them.

Detective Seargent Ralph Golding is the current leader for the homicide team in Whitechapel, since their previous Detective Inspector died. He catches on quickly to Simon’s “issues” and accepts him in spite of them, even tries to help him with them.

Simon just wants to get this over with. His experience with people is that they tend to dislike him, and he in turn does not play well with others. However, instead of the resentment and questions to his authority that he expects, he is quickly accepted as one of the team, and welcomed into their select circle. A strange series of murders ensues throwing both Simon and his team into the thick of things quickly. Simon and Ralph work well together and Simon finds himself very attracted to Ralph. Ralph calms his inner demons and seems to understand him, and that in and of itself is a very big deal to Simon. Despite this though, he wonders when he will do something that will drive Ralph away, and the fear of this is huge for him. Ralph is very aware of Simon’s obsessions and compulsions, and does his best to help him with them. He cares very much for Simon but understands that this may be more than Simon can handle at this time, so he bides his time while they continue to search for answers as to the why of the murders. But then something happens that throws the entire team into a spin, can this team solve the puzzle in time to prevent another murder?

Oh, wow, this book was so spectacular I cannot even tell you, I LOVED it!! It has everything a reader could want, a murder mystery, in fact, more than one, a slow to build love story (one of my personal favorites) and flawed but extremely loveable characters. The descriptions of Whitechapel are clearly spot on, and you know the author has either visited Whitechapel or done some very intensive research, regardless, the writer made me feel as though I were right there with the characters, feeling and seeing everything they did. If you love mysteries, cops and deep m/m relationships you will love this book as much as I did!

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