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Sweetwater Ranch Series
Book 1: Maverick Sheriff
Book 2: Cowboy Behind the Badge
Book 3: Rustling Up Trouble
Book 4: Kidnapping in Kendall County
Book 5: The Deputy’s Redemption

Sweetwater Ranch Series, Book 5
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-69818-9
March 2015
Harlequin Intrigue
$5.50 US / $6.25 CAN
217 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Having his father arrested for a crime he did not commit is not happening, if Deputy Colt McKinnon has anything to say about it. Unfortunately, it all hinges on the testimony of one woman who claims to remember something from twenty years ago.

If Elise Nichols was looking for a warm welcome in her home town, she knows better now. Someone wants her gone; maybe in a real permanent way.

Being run off of the road and nearly killed is only the beginning for Elise. The danger escalates drastically, and it is all she and Colt can do to stay out of firing range. Despite the threat she poses to his father’s freedom, Colt is determined to keep Elise out of harm’s way. She may have started as a thorn in his side, yet it is beginning to dawn on Colt that she is the woman he has wanted his whole life.

There is history behind everything Colt and Elise say and do together. A little bickering and a lot of heat provide a nice balance to the non-stop danger they find themselves in. They have a repertoire you only see in old friends who can so easily push each other’s buttons. It adds realism to their story that I find very appealing.

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