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Return of the Rebels

Savas’s Wildcat by Anne McAllister

The Devil and Miss Jones

Return of the Rebels
ISBN: 9780373528622
April 2012
Harlequin Presents Extra
$4.99 US / $5.99 CAN
184 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

No bride-to-be should ever hear or see what Martha Jones has, but she will be eternally grateful it happens before she makes the biggest mistake of her life. She runs without a clue as to where she is going. She only knows she is truly free for the first time in what seems like forever.

The only family that has been a constant in Carlos Ortega’s life has been his grandfather, but also that has turned out to be a lie. Even with all of his money, Carlos feels like he has no roots and no real place to call home.

The cold misty air must be messing with Carlos’s mind because he cannot believe what he sees. Martha may be dripping wet and freezing cold in her wedding dress when she hails his motorcycle down, but that does not stop Carlos from feeling like his heart is in overdrive. No man has ever affected Martha like Carlos has, not even her so-called fiancé, and after one passionate evening she is irrevocably changed. At the time, however, she has no inkling just how true that is.

Martha has been through the ringer with her fiancé, but I really like how she picks herself up and moves on without letting it crush her spirit. However, she is in no way ready for what transpires with Carlos. I also feel that both of these characters have so much going on in their heads that their actual interaction gets a little lost in the process. Ms. Walker really does have a beautiful way of expressing deeply passionate and emotional feelings. This is a wonderful example.

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