Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781927454541
September 2012
Champagne Book Group
169 Pages
Historical Regency Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Louisa Winchester is glad she has to wear spectacles, having heard men are rarely attracted to plain young ladies in spectacles, and she has no absolutely no interest in catching one. Yes, definitely she is more comfortable reading her books and attending balls.

Lord Toby Allenby and Lord Harry Allenby are in a bind–only the one who marries first will inherit the great Diddington Hall. Harry is upset by this news, especially since he loves the Hall, but he has vowed never to marry after his one true love died. Toby is also distressed, since he wants to sell Diddington Hall to pay off his debts. Then again, what exactly can he tell his mistress?

It is said that the Diddington Diamond, a gift between past lovers, is still hidden on the property. Will Louisa let down her guard and allow herself to love and be loved? Who will get Diddington Hall? And will the elusive Diddington Diamond ever be found?

This is a wonderful period tale, with an absolutely engaging cast of characters. It is a lively read and very enjoyable to know each character, their joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams. Ms. Burdess has a real knack for Regency dialogues and seamlessly blends together the lives of divergent personalities. I have enjoyed this book immensely.

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